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October 7th, 2013              

    Since I was unable to attend the Bronchos victory on September 25th, I have never had the chance to see the team play really well together as a whole. Tonight was one of those nights where everything seemed to click for them. Despite ultimately losing the game 2-0, the Bronchos played hard, passed, and really gave it their all. Even the two goals allowed were a little on the flukey side, as the goal keeper was in position and the Lapeer East team managed to deflect the shot just slightly right in front of him. Tyler managed to dribble the ball a little tonight, and he did a good job pressuring the opposing players when they had the ball. He had a supreme scoring opportunity staring him in the face, as he and a defender raced after the ball. Unfortunately the defender got their a couple of steps before Tyler did, booting it right into Tyler's midsection (or slightly lower...). Tyler crumpled to the ground and had to come out of the game while he recovered for a while. Had he won that battle, he almost certainly would have scored. Bummer for him...

    Only two more games remaining in the season. Let's go Bronchos!

Game 8 - vs. Lapeer East High School

Tyler chuckling as he makes his way on to the field during player introductions. (They announce him under a different name since he switched jerseys midway through his season.)

Tyler on the field for the opening kickoff.

Tyler getting a foot on the ball, intercepting a pass.

Tyler joining the fray for the loose ball.

Tyler running down the field.

Tyler (and most of the players and fans) was very cold as the nighttime temperatures dropped.

Tyler looking for a teammate to pass to as he gains control of the ball.

Tyler kicking the ball down the field, breaking up a Lapeer East play.

Tyler knocking down the ball...

...before gaining control of it.

Tyler leading a pack of Bronchos with the ball.

Tyler challenging an opposing player for the ball.

Tyler dribbling the ball before making a pass to an open teammate.

Tyler managed to get out of the way of this kick...

...but not this one, as it hit him square in the midsection.

Despite giving it their all, the Bronchos fell by a score of 2-0 in tonight's action.


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