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October 8th, 2013              

    Apparently tonight's game wasn't a completely new game, but was instead a make-up of a game from earlier in the season. Since Tyler joined the team late, I don't really know any of the details about when the original game was from or why it was postponed, but I do know that we started today's action with 23 minutes remaining in the first half with the score 0-0 (they play 35 minute halves). With that in mind, the team must have played well in the original 12 minutes of action, and they continued to play well for the most part during the remainder of the first half. They had some chances on offense, and each team took turns controlling the ball, but eventually Linden managed to get a couple of goals, giving them a 2-0 halftime lead. Coming out of halftime it was like we were watching a completely different game. It didn't take long before Linden quickly netted a couple more goals, and then the route was on. Once again, the Bronchos were shut out by a score of 8-0, with the mercy rule ending the game early. I'm not sure what happened, but perhaps Tyler's attitude of "we're not going to win anyway" permeates the majority of the team. I must give them credit, however, as the boys never let the losing stop them from having fun on the field. They still find a way to joke around and make each other laugh, all while still going out and giving it their all (at least some of the boys do).

    I do want to take a moment to apologize to Tyler for not having very many photos from some of his games. He plays forward on the field, and some games the ball spends so much time in the defensive zone that he doesn't get to see much action. Photos of him standing around, watching the ball down the field, aren't exactly the most exciting in the world. In addition, sometimes when he does get the ball I get caught up in the moment and forget to take photos!

Game 9 - vs. Linden High School

Nobody really knows what exactly the boys are saying on the field...

...but Tyler always seems to find it humorous!

Tyler keeping an eye on the ball that is coming his way.

Tyler making a pass to a teammate on a break.

Tyler and his teammates getting some words of encouragement from their coach at halftime.

Tyler battling for the ball against an opposing player.

Tyler trying to chase down a loose ball.

Tyler doing his best to get his foot in front of a pass from this Linden player.


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