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    Drew is playing his first season of basketball through the Springfield Township Parks & Recreation Broncho Basketball league this year. Drew was unable to make either of the evaluation sessions due to hockey commitments, but he was placed on a team with a coach he is familiar, and he has to put up with me as an assistant coach. His team color will be red, his sponsor is Holly Foods, and he has been assigned jersey number 6. Please enjoy the game pictures and recaps...

  • Team Pictures - Go here to see the official team photograph (will be taken on January 25th).

Broncho Basketball - Holly Foods



Location Time Result Score Record
  Jan 11 Game 1 - at STPR Team #6 HMS 2:00pm W 18-15 1-0
  Jan 18 Game 2 - vs. Hungry Howies Pizza Team #4 HMS 8:00am W 22-14 2-0
  Jan 25 Game 3 - vs. Champs Cleaners Team #2* HMS 1:00pm W 25-19 3-0
  Feb 01 Game 4 - vs. Hot Shots Photography Team #3 HMS 9:00am W 22-17 4-0
  Feb 08 Game 5 - vs. American Water Team #1 HMS 1:00pm W 16-7 5-0
  Mar 01 Playoff Semi-Finals Game - vs. Hot Shots Photography Team #3 HMS 10:00am W 17-14 1-0 (6-0)
  Mar 01 Playoff Finals Game - vs. Hungry Howies Pizza Team #4 HMS 1:00pm L 18-15 1-1 (6-1)

* = Drew missed game due to hockey conflict.


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