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April 3rd, 2014              

    On Thursday, April 3rd, Samantha and five of her classmates joined together to form a team for the school dodgeball tournament. There were 8 student teams and 2 teams of teachers, all pitted against each other to see who would be crowned champions. Sam and her teammates were practically conceding defeat prior to starting their first match, they were convinced that they were bound to lose. They managed to hold tough, however, securing a victory in each of their first two matches. From their it was on to a best of three championship match against a team of five 8th graders and a single 7th grader (Sam's friend Maya). Sam's team managed a victory in the first game, meaning they only needed to win one of the next two to be crowned champs. Unfortunately they weren't able to get it done, settling for second place instead. All was not lost, as they were able to claim their prize - each of them got a giant Hershey chocolate bar. The winning team members each got an entire pizza, which was needed to replenish some of the calories that they burned off in their challenging games against Sam and her teammates. It wasn't first place overall, but it was an outstanding showing nonetheless. Congratulations guys!

School Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball teammates - Calvin, Caleb, Wyatt, Tanner, Samantha, and Becca.

The team lined up, ready to start game #1.

Becca and Sam at the start of the game.

Sam rifling a ball at the opposition.

Sam lining up her target.

In this game was the first of her team to get hit by a ball.

Sam was excited when her teammates pulled out the victory!

The handshake line as the teachers had to humbly admit defeat to a group of 7th grade students.

Samantha looking for an opening during game #2.

Sam moving forward before...

...throwing the ball at her target.

Sam and her teammates contemplating their next move.

Celebrating a big out on the other team!

Sam talking to her teammates.

Becca and Sam were the last two standing in this game.

Sam firing a ball at her opponents.

Sam looking for an extra ball to throw.

It was down to one girl on the opposing team and Becca and Sam on their team...

...and the girls pulled it out for the team!

Sam and her teammates celebrating another victory.

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