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September 17th, 2014              

    Like last year, Tyler opted to attend the fall Homecoming dance with a group of friends rather than taking a date. The group gathered in downtown Holly's Battle Alley for photos before eating dinner at Red Devil. From there it was off to the dance.

Holly Homecoming Dance

Tyler posing for a picture in Battle Alley.

Another look at Tyler posing for a solo shot.

Tyler and his friends, Jon, Joe, Darius, and Kyle.

Another shot of the five boys.

Another shot of the boys posing for a photo.

The boys seated on a bench in Battle Alley.

Tyler and his friends were joined by their classmate Paige for this photo.

Tyler posing for a picture with Paige.

The entire group gathered for a couple of photos before heading out to dinner.

Another group shot.

Tyler standing for a photo in the old Arcade in Battle Alley.

Another shot of Tyler on the steps of the Arcade.

Tyler, Kyle, Joe, Jon, and Darius posing for a photo.

Another shot of the boys on the railroad tracks.

And another.

And one final shot of Joe, Kyle, Jon, Tyler, and Darius.


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