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February 8th, 2014              

    After attending the fall Homecoming dance stag with a bunch of his friends, Tyler asked a classmate to the Snowcoming dance this winter. His date for the evening was Kayleigh, a young lady in his grade at school. They met a bunch of other classmates at a friends house before heading to dinner and the dance. Here are a few of the photos taken before they left for dinner.

Snowcoming Dance

Tyler placing the corsage on Kayleigh's wrist.

Kayleigh pinning the boutonniere on Tyler's shirt.

Tyler posing for a picture.

Kayleigh and Tyler together.

Another picture of Kayleigh and Tyler.

Tyler with a group of his friends.

Tyler's response to this goofy photo was "I don't pose."

Tyler and his classmates talking.

Kayleigh and one of her friends.

Another picture of Tyler's date for the evening.

The group posing together before heading out to dinner.

Another group photo.

Tyler laughing on the stairs.

Another group photo.

A closer look at Tyler.

The group cracking up (or perhaps celebrating the end of picture taking...?).


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