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    For the first time ever, Tyler has opted to join the track team. Neither Tara or I are sure of how this sport works, so we all get the opportunity to learn together. What I can tell you is that the schedule below is the list of meets that I believe Tyler will be involved in, although some may be added or removed from this list as time goes on. In the meantime, enjoy!

  • Team Pictures - Go here to see the official team photograph.

Flint Metro League Track & Field - Holly Bronchos



Location Time
  Apr 17 Meet 1 - vs. Brandon High School and Linden High School Brandon H.S. 4:00pm
  Apr 23 Meet 2 - vs. Clio High School and Swartz Creek High School Holly H.S. 4:00pm
  Apr 26 Meet 3 - Invitational (Freshman/Sophomore Meet) Holly H.S. 9:15am
  Apr 30 Meet 4 - vs. Fenton High School and Kearsley High School Fenton H.S. 4:00pm
  May 07 Meet 5 - vs. Lapeer East High School and Lapeer West High School** Lapeer East H.S. 4:00pm
  May 10 Meet 6 - Invitational (Freshman/Sophomore Meet)** Fenton H.S. 10:00am
  May 19 Meet 7 - vs. Swartz Creek High School** Swartz Creek H.S. 4:00pm

** = Tyler could not compete in this meet.


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