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June 3rd, 2015              

    Tonight's game was full of fireworks - first provided by the Reds, with their 5 run outburst in the first inning, including a home run, and then by the coaches of the White Sox, who spent long periods of time arguing two controversial calls in the field. After scoring those 5 runs in the top of the first inning, they managed to get the White Sox out 1-2-3. Things looked like they were finally going to go the Reds way, and they were going to put together a complete game. By the beginning of the 4th inning it was a whole new ball game, as the score was knotted at 5 apiece. The White Sox even managed to grab the lead a couple times, but thankfully the Reds didn't give up. They fought back from their comedy of errors, and finally went back on top. When the game was finally over, the Reds came out victorious, by an 11-8 score. Samantha struggled at the plate, striking out three times. She spent most of the game at second base, but made a crucial throwing error to first base - short-arming the ball when she had all kinds of time to make the easy toss. She eventually asked to move to center, where she managed to grab an impressive fly ball out that ended a White Sox comeback attempt.

HLL Intermediate Baseball Holly Reds Game 12 - at Holly White Sox

Samantha looking at a ball during her first at-bat.

Sam ducking under a pitch that sailed over her head.

Sam jumping out of the way of a pitch that the ump wound up calling a strike.

Sam swinging away at another pitch.

Sam spent the majority of the game at second base.

Sam looking at the first basemen as they didn't communicate properly about who should have gotten a slow rolling grounder.

Sam back at the plate later in the game.

Sam swung at a good pitch...

...and pounded the ball - unfortunately foul.

Sam settled in at center field later in the game.

After getting a low pitch called for a strike, Sam felt compelled to swing at this one as well.

Sam running in after her team clinched the game.


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