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April 28th, 2015              

    The kids came out slow today, falling behind 4-1 after the first inning. Despite having a superior record this early in the season, it seemed as though the Reds were primed to lose their first game today. Thankfully they woke up a bit after the first, scoring three in the second to tie it up at 4 apiece, and then tacking on an additional 5 runs before finishing the game with a 9-4 victory. Samantha was returning to game action after missing the previous two games with a knee injury. She spent the first two innings on the bench before moving to her usual spot at second base for the next two. She grounded out in her only official at-bat, and she also took a walk and came around to score a run later.

HLL Intermediate Baseball Holly Reds Game 4 - at Waterford Cardinals

Samantha watching a pitch go by for a ball.

Sam making contact with the ball for a ground out in her only official at-bat.

Sam in position at second base.

Another shot of Sam at second base.

Sam covering the base on a steal by an opposing player.

Sam at the plate once again.

Sam looking for her pitch to drive to the field.

Sam heading to first base after taking ball four.

Sam taking off for second...

...before sliding down on her bad knee...

...and landing right on it...

...and bouncing off of it...

...but deeming herself OK after being called safe.

Sam rounding third on a hit by a teammate.

Sam coming home to score.


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