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May 6th, 2015              

    I wasn't able to attend today's game, so I don't have much in the way of commentary about the action on the field, aside from the fact that the Reds won the game by a score of 14-8. Other than that, I know that Sam spent one inning apiece at second base, left field, and center field. She also spent two innings on the bench as she continues to rest her knee when the situation allows.

HLL Intermediate Baseball Holly Reds Game 6 - at Rochester Hills Orioles

Samantha at the plate, watching the third base coach for the signs.

Sam ready to bat at the plate.

Sam taking a lead off of first base as her teammate hits the ball...

...but watching to see if the fly ball will be caught.

Sa taking off from second base...

...and heading to third on a hit by a teammate.

Sam following through on a hit ball...

...and racing out of the batters box...

...and running down the line towards first.


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