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June 17th, 2015              

    Samantha's team avenged their only loss of the season with a relatively easy 10-2 victory against the Red Sox on Monday, only to Draw the #2 team in the league in the White Sox. One of the coaches on this team is the head coach of the Little League district team, and earlier in the day Sam got the email saying that she didn't make the team. I told her that this game was her chance to prove to him that he made the wrong choice...

    This game started out similar to the game against the Red Sox, except instead of a scoreless first inning the White Sox were able to squeeze across a run without getting a hit by taking a walk and stealing their way around the bases before scoring on a passed ball. The Reds were up to the task in their half of the inning, getting 4 runs across the plate. The Sox tied it up in the second, getting 2 runs while shutting down the Reds. That was it for the White Sox though, as the Reds stepped up their pitching and defense. The Reds went on to score 4 in the third, 4 in the fifth, and 2 more in the sixth, at which point the game was called due to the mercy rule with the score 13-3. Sam played the first two innings in centerfield, the next three at second base, and the final inning in center once again. She didn't see much action in the outfield, but she did catch a throw from her catcher to get a runner out who was attempting to steal second base. Just to prove her point, during her only two at-bats she crushed two balls tonight into the outfield, though they were close enough to the outfielders that she had to settle for a single on each hit. She came around to score both times she was on base.

HLL Intermediate Baseball Playoffs North Division Championship- Holly Reds vs. Holly White Sox

Samantha started today's game in centerfield, the first two in a steady rain.

Sam moved to second base for innings three through five.

Sam hustling down the first base line after cranking the ball to the outfield in her first at-bat.

Sam with a good lead off of first base.

Sam running towards second on a steal attempt.

Sam taking a lead off of second base.

Sam heading towards third...

...and then coming around to score a run for her team.

Sam at the plate once again...

...seeing and swinging at a pitch that she liked...

...and watching as it headed to the outfield...

...before making it in safely to first base.

Samantha coming into second base on a steal attempt...

...and standing there comfortably as the defender catches the ball.

Sam back in the outfield for the final inning.


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