Game 6

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May 8th, 2015             

    There isn't a whole lot to say about today's game, as there wasn't much of a game played. The two teams managed to make it to halftime, and the Impact girls were playing very well, controlling the ball a majority of the time and holding a strong 2-0 lead. Unfortunately the weather decided to interfere at that point, with continued thunder and occasional lightning spotted in the area. After waiting as long as they could, the coaches and referees decided to call it a game at that point, resulting in a 2-0 victory over the team from WAZA East.

Michigan Impact Spring Outdoor Game 6 - at WAZA FC East 01 Black

Samantha chasing down an opposing player in a battle for the ball.

Sam controlling the ball through the middle of the field.

Sam challenging an opposing player.

Sam looking back as the ball gets by her outstretched leg.

Sam watching as the ball rolls out of bounds.


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