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February 20th, 2015              

    Samantha's Michigan Impact soccer team returned to the field tied for first place against tonight's opponent, the Carpathia Kickers. Although the Impact girls dominated the vast majority of the time, they continued to struggle finding the back of the net. They managed to catch some breaks defensively as well, as a couple of powerful shots on goals were saved not by the keeper, but by the favorable bounce off of the goalposts. They finally gave up a goal, on a long shot from a tough angle that very few goalkeepers could have saved. They did their best to tie things up, but weren't able to break the ice. Another goal by the Kickers salted the game away, leaving the Impact team to suffer their first defeat of the season by the 2-0 final score.

Michigan Impact Winter II Indoor Game 4 - at Carpathia Kickers

Samantha racing back to try to intercept a pass.

Sam using her body to move the ball down the field.

Sam dribbling the ball along the sideline.

Sam listening to her coach during a break in the action on the field.

Sam getting into position defensively.

Sam reacting to a kick down the field.

The final score was a 2-0 loss for the Impact girls.


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