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September 12th, 2015             

    We ventured to St. Petersburg for this game against the Pinellas County United. This group of girls were a tad aggressive for my liking. The ground was significantly wet due to rain and misting throughout majority of the game. The ball was not working in favor of our team which made our girls work much harder than they have in the past. While going for the ball, Sam took a cheap shot and found herself airborne landing on her bad knee. She had to be carried off the field and sat out the rest of the game. The final score was 2-3.

Venice Falcons Fall Outdoor Game 5 - at Pinellas County United SC

Samantha dribbling the ball down the field as a defender approaches.

Sam passing the ball across the field to a teammate.

Sam with the ball heading down the field once again.

Sam looking at the action in front of her.


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