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September 26th, 2015             

    Today marked the first game that I actually got to see in person, as opposed to watching through pictures and the retelling of Tara and Samantha. I guess I got lucky, because I got to see the girls play a good all-around game. The girls jumped out to an early lead 2-0 lead, but allowed the St. Pete team to score a goal to make the game close going in to halftime. The second half was all Venice, however, and the scored several goals early to open up the lead to 4-1. They added a couple more goals late in a dominating performance to secure a 6-1 victory. Sam didn't really control the ball a lot during today's game, but she was all over the field helping on both offense and defense. She had one really good look at the goal, but her kick stayed low to the ground, resulting in a fairly easy save for the opposing keeper. All I can say about today's game is "Way to go Venice Falcons!"

Venice Falcons Fall Outdoor Game 8 - at St. Pete Raiders SC

Samantha racing an opposing player to the ball...

...and fighting off the other girl for control.

Sam lining up a corner kick...

...and sending the ball towards the net.

Sam holding off an opposing player while passing the ball back to a teammate.

Sam running down the field.

Samantha dribbling the ball while holding off a defender.

A close-up of Sam in action.

Sam taking a shot on goal.

Sam knocking down the ball as two defenders approach.

Sam lining up a shot on goal from along the sideline.

Samantha performing a sideline throw-in.


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