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December 8th, 2015              

    Tonight the Venice Indians took on the North Port Bobcats on North Port's home field. The two teams had previously played previously with the Venice girls pulling out a 2-0 victory. I'm not quite sure what had happened to our girls, but you could tell that once again they didn't come to play. Tonight they fought hard and strong but their offense just couldn't get enough shots on goal to take the lead. They managed to maintain a 0-0 game through the first half, with many North Port parents becoming less tolerable with the refs calls and more aggressive with their comments. Partway through the second half the North Port team gained control of the ball and managed to score as the Venice goalie came out of the box to try to block the shot. This gave North Port the advantage they were looking for. Since Venice is in first place in the conference, the North Port team was doing everything they could to even up the season series. I can honestly say that this was a difficult game to watch our girls play - especially when it resulted in a loss.

Venice Indians Varsity Soccer Game 16 - at North Port High School

Samantha playing the ball along the sideline.

Sam making her way through the middle of the field.

Sam playing the ball through the midfield area.

Sam looking at the action across the field.


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