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November 13th, 2015              

    Starting tonight, the Venice girls began hosting a couple teams from other parts of the state. One team was from Ft. Myers and the other was from Tallahassee. This evening Venice took on Chiles, all the way from Tallahassee. In a non conference game, Venice and the Chiles worked hard to favor the play. Both teams were equally paired as noted by the 0-0 final score.

Venice Indians Varsity Soccer Game 7 - vs. Chiles High School

Samantha walking in front of the net, waiting for play to resume.

Sam hustling down the field towards the action.

Sam looking at the ball as it was kicked down the field.

Sam keeping an eye on the ball once more.

Sam moving into position as the ball heads down the wing.

Sam moving towards the ball once more.

Sam managed to get her foot on the ball to deflect it away from the Chiles player.

    After the game, all three teams had pizza and played some team-building activities together. They enjoyed these gaes and poking fun at their coaches by covering their hair with shaving cream and cheese curls!

Team Building Activities

Samantha sitting with her teammates listening to the directions for the team building activities.

Another look at Sam, her teammates, and the Chiles and Riverdale teams.

Sam lined up for one of the activities.

Sam was paired with a senior for this activity - the Venice starting goalkeeper.

Sam had to wrap her partner...

...with toilet paper...

...going around and around...

...until the roll was emptied.

Sam and her teammates waiting for the next event.

Sam and the girls managed to get in a bit of shaving cream fight after the second activity...

...and she had to clean it out of her eyes.

The Venice High School coach wound up with a head full of Cheetos (the girls did this as part of the activity) and a face full of shaving cream as well (not part of the planned activity)!

Shaving cream team picture!


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