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April 21st, 2015              

    Although I missed this game due to a scheduling conflict, Tara was able to catch the on-ice action. I don't have a lot of details, aside from her mentioning that Drew had some really nice shots on goal, but he wasn't able to bury any of them in the back of the net. She also told me that the game was closer than the 7-2 score indicated, but the Lakeland team scored a few goals late that made it look like a blowout on the scoreboard.

'05 Lapeer Storm Spring Hockey Game 2 - vs. Lakeland Falcons

Drew knocking the puck towards the net from inside the blue line.

Drew looking to make a pass from center ice.

Drew skating the puck into the zone while his teammate tries to stay onside.

Drew moving the puck along the boards.

Drew looking for an open teammate while protecting the puck behind the net.

Drew doing his best to distract and get in the way of an opposing players shot on goal.

Drew consoling a teammate after a tough loss.

The final score of tonight's game was a 7-2 defeat for the Lapeer Storm.


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