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March 3rd, 2015              

    The season is winding down for the 2014-15 edition of the '05 Lapeer Storm hockey team. As things wind down, we reach the end of our practice sessions. Tonight marked the final night where the team had the full sheet of ice, and to give the kids a break as a reward for all of their hard work this season the coaches decided that it would be a good opportunity for the team to play against the parents. Once Drew heard that this night was happening he immediately started plotting a plan to get me to participate. I wound up having to buy a helmet, but aside from that all I needed was my own skates and stick I borrowed from Drew. Little did I suspect that I would be the only dad on the ice who had never played hockey at some level. That left me and the coach's wife as the two players who could be counted on as pylons for the kids to skate around. Scorekeeping was hit or miss throughout the "game", but that really wasn't the point of the night - it was all about having fun. All of the kids did - I know Drew enjoyed himself immensely. Enough talk - time to enjoy the pictures of me doing my best to stay upright! (Just for the record - I did...)

'05 Storm - vs. Parents

Rodney on the ice with the other parents (and assorted other family members) along with the '05 Storm team.

Drew on the ice for the opening faceoff.

Drew celebrating an early goal for his team.

Drew smiling for the camera.

Rod sloooooowly making his way down the rink.

Rod watching the action take place while doing his best to play "defense" near the blue line.

Drew racing towards the puck.

Drew skating alongside one of the parents.

Rod reaching for the puck in front of the net.

Drew skating in the neutral zone near an assistant coach.

Drew challenging the head coach for the puck.

Drew doing his best to keep the puck in the zone.

Drew skating beside the net.

Rod making his way down the ice once again.

Drew looking for a pass in front of the net.

Drew controlling the puck along the boards.

Drew skating to the bench after his team scored another goal.

Rod watching down the ice while trying not to fall.

Rod and Drew on the ice near each other.

Drew watching the action take place in the corner.

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