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January 31st, 2015              

    Drew's team went in to today's game shorthanded, and that meant that the kids had to log some extra minutes to make up for the absence. Despite this fact, the kids fought hard in a close game throughout the entire contest. Drew played well for the most part, though he needs to be a little more aggressive while rebounding. He scored 4 points in each half, including a shot he was fouled on in the second half (he missed the free throw). He did grab quite a few rebounds, though he could have had much more, in addition to making some steals as well. He even brought the ball up the court a few times when the regular point guard was on the bench! Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to lead his tea to victory, as they suffered their second defeat in a row by a 25-21 score.

Nichols Heating and Cooling Game 3 - vs. Mark Carney Insurance #3

Drew went high into the air to win the opening jump ball.

Drew knocking the ball away from an opposing player.

Drew passing the ball ahead after grabbing a rebound.

Drew going up for the shot over the outstretched hands of the opposition...

...and watching it head to the basket.

Drew going down to tie up an opponent for a jump ball.

Drew launching another shot...

...and sending it towards the basket...

...and watching it all the way to the rim.

Drew going up to grab the ball...

...and turning to the basket...

...and lining up a shot...

...before sending the ball to the basket...

...and watching it settle down through the net.

Drew grabbing a loose rebound high in the air.

Drew taking a contested shot.

Drew going for the steal.

Drew knocking the ball away from an opposing player who was trying to complete a fast break.

Drew taking a shot in the second half of action.

Drew driving towards the basket.

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