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May 22nd, 2015              

    Drew's Dodgers baseball team took on the Athletics, which has a couple of Drew's closest friends on it. He was really looking forward to beating them tonight, but unfortunately they just didn't have enough in them to steal a victory against them. The Dodgers fell behind big in the first, and tried to fight their way back into contention the rest of the entire game. Drew spent the entire game at first base on defense, with the exception of the final inning, where he was subbed out and sat on the bench. He also made three trips to the plate tonight, taking a walk along with a strikeout, but also making it to first base safely on a fielders choice call. When the game was over, the final score resulted in a 12-7 defeat for the Dodgers.

HLL Minor League Baseball Dodgers Game 7 - vs. Athletics

Drew in the field at first base early in the game.

Drew looking down the third base line for the sign from his coach.

Drew in the box looking for a pitch to drive out to the field.

Drew getting ready to swing the bat at a pitch that he liked...

...and fouling the ball off.

Drew ready to hit once again.

Drew on first base after making it safely on a fielders choice.

Drew was disappointed with the result while heading to the dugout after the final out of the game.


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