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June 10th, 2015              

    Jayden's Mega Coney Island baseball team played in their 10th game of the season today, with their opponent being the same team that they played in game 2 earlier this year. In that game the Mega girls played some of their best baseball of the year, winning by a 7-0 shutout score. There would be no shutout tonight, and for most of the game a victory or even a tie didn't seem possible. The girls weren't playing their best defense, but managed to hold the Coleman team to 2 runs through three innings. Hitting was a problem early for the Mega team, but they finally broke through themselves in the third, squeezing out a single run. The fourth inning was the difference make as the Coleman team was once again held scoreless, while the Mega girls brought their lumber with them to the plate. After grounding out and striking out early in the game, Jay even joined in on the action, belting a single into the outfield to help her team score the maximum allowable 5 runs in the inning, sealing the comeback and a 6-2 victory!

HLL Rookie League Baseball Mega Coney Island Game 10 - vs. Coleman & Sons

Jayden started out at shortstop in the field tonight, playing there for the first two innings.

Jayden had a good night at the plate, swinging...

...and striking the ball well...

...before being thrown out at first by a step.

Jay was disappointed, but she held her head up as she walked back to the bench.

After sitting out an inning, Jayden moved behind the plate to catch in the fourth inning.

Jay throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

Jay saw a pitch that she liked...

...and drove the ball hard towards the outfield...

...and took off out of the batters box as hard as she could...

...and raced down the base path...

...and made it to first base safely!

Jay racing to second base on one of her teammates hits.

Jay coming in safely at third base as the coach puts up the stop sign to prevent her from going home.

Jay was pretty excited about her hit and baserunning!


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