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May 15th, 2015              

    Jayden's Mega Coney Island team played had their game that was originally scheduled for Monday delayed due to rain, and tonight was the night to make it up. Things started out slowly for Jay and her team, as they found themselves down 5-0 going into the bottom of the second for their at-bats. They did scratch across a run to narrow the score to 5-1 and then came out and played good defense in the third, keeping the Winglemire team off the scoreboard. They went out and scored two more runs to narrow the lead a little more, now with the score at 5-3. Things were looking bleak in the fourth though, as the Winglemire kids scored three times to push the lead to what seemed to be an insurmountable 8-3 lead. Thankfully the Mega girls didn't give up and they played hard in the final inning. They scratched together some key hits and found themselves getting some runs. Before long the girls found themselves in a tie ball game, knotting up the score at 8 runs apiece. Unfortunately there wasn't time to play another inning, so the girls had to settle for their first tie of the season. Even so, it was a great comeback at a clutch time for the girls!

HLL Rookie League Baseball Mega Coney Island Game 3 - vs. Winglemire Furniture

Jayden started today's game at third base.

Jay waiting for a throw as a runner approaches the base.

Jayden at the plate for her first at-bat.

Jay swinging at a pitch.

Jay swinging at another pitch.

Jay driving the ball into the field for a hit.

Jayden on base after getting a single.

Jayden at the plate once again.

Jay swinging at a pitch.

Jayden driving the ball once again...

...and taking off towards first base...

...running hard down the line.


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