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May 20th, 2015              

    The Mega Coney Island girls were coming off a big win in their last game. It seemed as though a whole new team showed up for today's game. The whole team struggled at the plate and they just couldn't seem to get that timely hit that they needed to drive in runs - until the final inning. At that point of the game they were down five runs, so the best that they could have hoped for at that point was a tie. They only managed a single run, so the ended up with a 5-1 loss today. Jayden played at second base, first base, right field, and right center today. She also batted twice, striking out once and getting a single in her second at-bat.

HLL Rookie League Baseball Mega Coney Island Game 6 - at American Legion

Jayden in the field at second base.

Jay was ready to hit tonight.

Jay getting ready to swing the bat...

...and taking aim at the ball.

Jay ready to hit once again.

Jay swinging at a pitch that she liked...

...and following through with her bat.

Jay swinging at another pitch.

Jay back in the field, this time at first base.

Jay swinging at a good pitch...

...and making the swing count...

...and watching the ball on her follow through.

Jay on first base after her single.

Jay running to second after her teammate hit the ball.

Jay taking off from second to third.

Jay running home for her team's only run of the game.

Jay in right center field .

After the game Jay and a couple of her teammates put on a pink tutu to run around in!


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