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May 27th, 2015              

    Jayden's baseball team got off to a slow start tonight with their bats, but they managed to play some strong defense, which helped to offset the lack of hits. In fact, through the first two innings neither team was able to score a single run. The Kiddie College broke through first, scoring a pair in the the third. The Mega girls managed to get one of those runs back before their bats went back into the slump that plagued them at the start of the game. The Kiddie College team kept swinging, however, and they eventually secured a 7-1 victory. Jayden spent two innings playing pitcher, two more in right field and a single inning in left-center. Unlike most of her teammates, Jay had a good game at the plate, going 2-2 with both hits being singles. Unfortunately she wasn't able to advance past third base either time.

HLL Rookie League Baseball Mega Coney Island Game 7 - vs. Holly Kiddie College

Jayden in her ready position while playing pitcher.

Jay heading over to try and field a ground ball down the third base line...

...before giving way to the third base-woman.

Jay at the plate waiting for the perfect pitch.

Jay swinging the bat...

...and following through on one of her base hits.

Jay on first base, hoping to come around and score a run for her team.

Jay managed to make it safely to second base.

Jay leaning towards third while waiting to run...

...and racing down the line...

...while trying not to hit the third baseman in front of her...

...and making it safely before he was able to field the throw.

Jay on third base, waiting for the key hit to drive her home.


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