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February 4th, 2015              

    Although the kids on the AYSO team are giving it their best, they just aren't really ready to compete with these travel teams. It showed today as they were unable to stop the Arrows team of U7 boys. They were never really able to challenge on offense, and they offered little in the way of resistance on defense. The lowlight of the night for Jayden came as she ran across the front of the goal after the opposing goalkeeper had made a save on one of the few shots her team managed. Just as she crossed in front of the keeper he drop kicked the ball, sending it directly into her face. She immediately fell to the ground as blood started gushing from her nose, stopping play for quite some time. They managed to slow the bleeding and get her to a bench off the field where I went to help. While play resumed on the field I worked to get her nose to stop bleeding. Once it did we headed to the restroom to get her arms and legs cleaned up, as they were both covered in drops of blood. I asked her how she was feeling and she said she was doing OK. I told her she could head back out to the field to stand with her coach and, if she felt up to it, return to the game. Surprisingly enough, she was back on the field within 30 seconds of standing on the sideline. She is a much tougher cookie than I give her credit for sometimes! After the game the opposing coach got Jay and the young boy who was in goal at the time and had them shake hands as well have him apologize to her (which wasn't really necessary - it was a soccer play, not an intentional act to hurt anyone, which was easily discernible by his reaction after Jay fell to the ground). Needless to say, it was a nice thing to do and one that I have seen far too many coaches ignore. At the least, it was a nice way to teach these young kids that there is more to the game than winning and losing, and that caring about your opponent means something as well. Well done, coach.

Holly Red AYSO Game 5 - at Arrows U7 Boys

Jayden chasing after the ball across the middle of the field.

Jay trying to avoid crashing into and tripping an opposing player.

Jay looking back at the goal after her keeper made a save.

Jay watching the action take place against the wall.

Jayden and a teammate chasing after the ball down the field.

Jay passing the ball across her body.

Jay getting ready to gather in a pass from her teammate after her team allowed a goal.


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