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    While Drew was in Michigan visiting with me and his friends he had the opportunity to play in the Flint Olympian Games 3v3 Hockey Tournament, with a former teammate and coach on his side. The tournament will be taking place at the Flint Iceland Arenas. There are going to be four games for each team guaranteed, with each game consisting of two 12 minute halves. The top four teams will then be seeded until a champion is crowned. Drew's team was the London Knights. Due to the short notice in putting the team together he wasn't able to request his own number, so he was given number 6 for this tournament.

Flint Olympian Games - London Knights



Location Time Result Score Record
  Jun 25   Game 1 - vs. Firebirds - Hayden South Side 10:10am W 10-9 1-0
  Jun 25   Game 2 - at '05 Flint Firebirds North Side 10:50am L 15-5 1-1
  Jun 25   Game 3 - at Team Strida South Side 12:20pm L 14-4 1-2
  Jun 25   Game 4 - at Jumpin' Crocodiles North Side 1:00pm L 11-10 1-3
  Jun 25   Semifinal Game - at '05 Flint Firebirds South Side 1:45pm L 12-2  
  Jun 25   Third Place Game - at Jumpin' Crocodiles South Side 2:30pm L 11-3  


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