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June 9th, 2017            

The day that Tyler has been waiting for over the past thirteen years finally arrived - tonight marked Tyler's last official school obligation, as he graduated from Holly High School, walking across the stage with 251 other students to receive their diplomas. Although there were day's that we weren't sure this would ever happen, Tyler worked hard and buckled down when he needed to and accomplished this first step on his way into adulthood. A few tears were shed in the process, but everyone involved, but in the end it was all smiles. Congratulations Tyler. We love you with all of our heart, and are proud of the young man you have become!


2017 Holly High School Graduation Ceremony

The Holly High School banner hanging behind the stage.

A look at the empty seats where the 2017 graduates would soon be filling.

Proud dad selfie!

Samantha saying hello to a couple of former elementary teachers who came to the ceremony.

Tyler walking into the arena searching for us in the crowd.

Tyler walking down the center aisle towards his seat.

Another picture of Tyler heading towards his seat.

Tyler spotted his family in the crowd...

...and proudly showed off the t-shirt he wore over his shirt and tie.

The student section filled in.

Tyler in his seat, in the center of the picture.

The administration and staff apparently couldn't decide which of the American flags to face during the national anthem...

Some of the students opening the ceremony.

The superintendent gave the night's big speech.

Another look at Tyler seated in the crowd.

The 2017 graduates listening to the speaker on stage.

Tyler making his way to the stage...


This young man was representing his brother, who was tragically killed in an accident less than two weeks prior to graduation. Needless to say, he received a standing ovation for his ability to stand tall under such difficult circumstances.

Tyler making his way on to the stage...

...and getting ready to hand his name card to the announcer.

Tyler greeting the assistant principal (and my former classmate)...

...and receiving his diploma...

...before greeting the school principal...

...and the district superintendant (and my former teacher).

Tyler posing for a photo after leaving the stage.

Tyler making the walk back to his seat.

Tyler getting ready to take his seat.

Tyler back at his seat...

...and looking towards his family in the audience...

...and gesturing towards us...


Tyler turning his tassel from one side of his cap to the other.

Officially graduated!

Tyler spotting us in the audience once more...

...and celebrating!

The graduates standing as they prepare to leave the arena.

Tyler walking out...

...and showing off his diploma!

Tyler posing for a picture with Papa Jerry & Grandma Gail.

Another picture of Tyler, Papa Jerry, Grandma Gail, as well as Rose, Tyler's girlfriend.

Samantha showing off her fancy new eyebrow...

...and mustache!

The sign in the lobby.

A look at the nearly empty arena where the graduation ceremony was held.

Tyler posing with Grandma Terry & Grandpa Gary outside the arena after the ceremony.

A closer look at Tyler, Grandma Terry, and Grandpa Gary.

A family photo! Samantha, Tara, Tyler, Jayden, Rodney, and Drew.

Tyler with his proud parents, Tara and Rodney.

Tara and Rodney showing their love to Tyler.

Tyler posing for a few pictures with Uncle Steve...


Tyler standing with his Great-Grandmother Beulah and Uncle Steve.

Jayden enjoying the warm weather in her pretty dress.

Tyler, Grandma Terry, and Great-Grandma Beulah.

Four generations together - Great-Grandma Beulah, Tyler, Grandma Terry, and Rodney...


Tyler posing for his girlfriend Rose...



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