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May 12th, 2017            

After attending Rose's prom last weekend, Tyler and Rose headed to his this weekend. Once again they met for pictures prior to heading off to the big event. Here are a few of the photos taken before they left for dinner and the dance...


Holly High School Senior Prom

Tyler posing for a picture with his friends Joe and Peyton.

Tyler and his date for the evening, Rose.

A group of guys posing for a picture together...

...and still more of the gentlemen.

Another picture of the guys in attendance for photos.

Tyler with is friend Joe.

Another shot of Rose and Tyler.

A large group photo of those gathering here for photos.
Tyler and his friends Devon and Austin.

Austin and his girlfriend Paige, along with Rose and Tyler.

Another shot of the two couples.

Rose and Tyler, Paige and Austin, Chrissie and Nick, and Shelby and Cason at the next photo locale.

Rose, Shelby, Chrissie, and Paige.

Another shot of the four couples.

One more of the lovely couples.


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