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October 2nd, 2017              

Powderpuff Game

Holly High School 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Juniors 7 0 6 0 13
Seniors 0 8 8 0 16
Samantha took part in her first Powderpuff game this year as a member of the Junior squad that would be taking on the Senior girls from the Class of 2019.

Sam started the game as a gunner on the kickoff team, but sat out the first defensive series. She got on the field once again in the first quarter as the Juniors were marching down the field. After a couple running plays the girls aired it out, and Sam easily snagged the wide open pass in the end zone for the first touchdown of the game! The coaches had a decision to make at this point, as the powderpuff rules are slightly different than typical football rules for extra points. A kick is worth two points, while running or passing the ball is worth a single point. The coaches decided to go for one, and another pass in Sam's direction resulted in an easy conversion, giving them a 7-0 lead. They held on to that lead through the first quarter, heading into the second quarter full of confidence.

The second quarter was back and forth as both teams marched up and down the field. It was the Seniors who finally broke through, scoring a touchdown and deciding to go for two. With the kicker for the Varsity football team on their squad, it was an easy decision for the Seniors to go for two, and they converted to take an 8-7 lead. The Juniors drove down the field just before halftime, and got in position for a late field goal attempt. Although the kicked looked like it went through the uprights from the stands, it was ruled wide right on the field, leaving the score at 8-7 as halftime got underway.

Once the second half kicked off, it was the Juniors who answered the bell first, scoring their second touchdown of the game. Being up by five they decided to go for two with the kick, and once again it looked good from the stands, but was ruled a miss on the field. The Juniors held a 13-8 lead, but it wouldn't last long, as the Seniors marched right back down the field to score once again. The kick made it a three point game, as the third quarter ended with the score 16-13, with the Seniors on top.

The final quarter saw no scoring despite both teams best efforts. The Juniors missed one last attempt at a game-tying field goal, and the 16-13 score stood to the final whistle. While the Juniors were disappointed with the outcome, they know that they have one chance remaining next year as Seniors. Go Holly!


Holly High School - Powderpuff Game

The Junior girls and coaches standing for the national anthem.

Samantha running down the field on the games opening kickoff.

Sam and her friend Mariah looking into the stands for their family...

...and finally finding them...

...before posing for a couple of photos...

...with some serious faces.

Sam spotting a sign that her sister Jayden had made to support her...

...and being caught off guard by it.

Sam getting some direction from Coach Joe before heading on to the field.

Sam relaying the plays to her teammates in the huddle.

Samantha racing down the field on a play...

...before turning around to catch a pass...

...that resulted in the games first touchdown...

...and giving the Juniors the early lead.

Sam tossing the football back to the official.

The girls in the huddle hoping to go for two points (a kick is worth two, a run/pass would be worth a single point).

Sam catching the extra-point pass...

...that wound up giving the Juniors a 7-0 lead.

Sam on the sideline after scoring the games first seven points.

Jayden showing off the sign she made for Samantha.

The "cheerleaders" doing a stunt on the sideline.

Sam back on the field, this time on defense.

Sam and her friend Maya playing the deep safety positions.

Sam back on the sideline.

Sam talking to Coach Joe once again.

Sam ready to snap the ball for a late field goal attempt...

...before sending it back to the holder...

...and finally the kick (that looked good from the stands, but was ruled just wide on the field).

Another shot of Sam on the sideline.

The Junior girls getting some words of encouragement from Coach Joe during halftime.

Samantha on the field playing some defense.

Sam and her teammates ready for the play to get underway against the Seniors.

Sam with her arm up after a good "tackle" from her teammates.

The Juniors ready on defense once again.

Sam signaling another "tackle".

Sam ready to get back on the field.

Sam and her friend Maya on the sideline.

Sam and the defense looking to make one last stand.

The Junior girls walking off the field after the final whistle.

The girls gathered around the coaches after the game.

The Senior and Junior girls walking through the handshake line.

The Senior and Junior girls gathered together after the game.

One last meeting of the Junior players and the coaches.

The final score resulted in a 16-13 victory for the class of 2018.

A team photo of all of the Junior players.

A team photo of all of the Junior players with coach Joe.

Samantha with her friend Mariah.

Smile girls!

Sam with her friend Lalli.

Sam with her friend Maya.


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