4th Grade Musical

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February 23rd, 2017              

Jayden and her fourth grade classmates put on a musical performance for Black History Month for the entire school on Thursday afternoon. Although it was intended for the students, parents were allowed to attend as well. Since I missed so many school functions over the past year, I decided that it was important for both of us that I go see her perform. I was glad I got to go, because she did a great job!


Patterson Elementary Fourth Grade Musical

The two fourth grade classrooms on the risers as the entire student body takes their seats to watch the performance.

The school music teacher (formerly my music teacher!) introducing the show.

Jayden realizing that I was in attendance.

Another shot of Jay on the riser before the singing commenced.

Jayden giving her part of the speech during the show.

Jay and her class on stage singing.

A close-up of Jay singing.

Another look at Jay singing.

A look at the school as the classes perform.

Jay singing a song about riding a train...


A close-up of Jayden after the show.


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