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December 9th, 2017              

Jayden invited a few of her friends over to spend the night and to go to the roller rink for the afternoon for her 11th birthday. The pictures below are from our time at Rollhaven...


Skating at Rollhaven

Jayden and her friend Jenna skating.

Jay's friend Jenna skating.

Jay and Gabrielle once again.

Jay's friends Ambrielle (holding on to the rail while falling) and Marissa.

Jay making her way around the rink.

Gabrielle and Jay.

Marissa and Ambrielle.

Marissa looking on as Ambrielle falls once again.

Drew speeding around the rink.

A close up of Jay.

Drew using his brake to cruise to a stop.

Ambrielle and Marissa.

Jay and Gabrielle.

Jenna, Jayden, Marissa, Gabrielle, and Ambrielle.

Another picture of Jenna, Jay, Marissa, Gabrielle, and Ambrielle.

The girls enjoying a beverage.

Jenna, Marissa, Ambrielle, Gabrielle, and Jayden.

Marissa icing her knee after falling.

The kids playing a game on the rink...


Jay and Jenna on the rink after being eliminated from the game.

Back to the game...


The girls at the counter picking out some candy after Gabrielle earned some money in the game.

After spending the afternoon skating, the girls returned to the house to hang out for the evening. Jayden got the chance to open her gifts from her friends, which you can see below...


Birthday Presents

Jayden getting ready to open her birthday presents.

Jay reading the card from Marissa.

Jay checking out a gift from Marissa...

...which was a soccer craft project.

Jay showing off another craft project from Marissa.

Jay reading a homemade card from Ambrielle.

Jay unwrapping Ambrielle's present...

...which was glue for making slime...

...and a turtle keychain which Jay hooked to her backpack.

Gabrielle gave Jayden...

...a pack of neon sparkles...

...and more glue for slime making.

Jay reading Jenna's card.

Jenna's presents were wrapped in the box to the left, and then placed inside balloons, which Jay then popped.

Jay showing off her gift card.

Jay also got some lip gloss and fingernail polish fro Jenna.

Jay opening her present from her mom and dad...

...which included a sketch pad that she was happy with... well as an art kit that she was extremely happy with.

The girls looking over the art kit.

The final activity of the evening involved singing "Happy Birthday" to Jayden, and then enjoying a slice of ice cream cake. Happy birthday Jayden! Love you kiddo!


Birthday Cake

Ambrielle, Gabrielle, Jayden, Marissa, and Jenna looking at Jayden's birthday cake.

"Happy birthday to you!"

Jay looking as everyone sang to her.

Jay blowing out her candles.


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