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May 13th, 2017            

Jayden joined the girls running club this year at Patterson Elementary. The girls ran twice a week for a couple of months in preparation for a 5k, which was ran today. Prior to the 5k, Jay ran a total of 34 miles during practices. Below are some of the pictures from the big day for the girls!


Patterson Girls Running Club - Masonic Miles 5K

Jayden and her fellow running club members warming up before the 5k begins.

Another picture of warmups.

All of the running club girls posing with their coaches for a picture.

A closer look at Jay in the group photo.

Jay posing for a picture before the race.

Jay with a group of her friends.

Jay and her friends getting photo-bombed!

Jay posing with Marissa and Jessica.

At the starting line!

Jay heading off at the start of the run.

Jay nearing the finish line...

...and running as fast as she could...

...until making it across the finish line!

Jay with her medal after the race.


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