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December 5th, 2018              

Game #2

Laurel Nokomis School - Nokomis 1st 2nd 3rd 4th / Final
Venice Chargers ? ? 30 45
Laurel Nokomis MS ? ? 17 26


I missed the majority of tonight's game, and my proxy forgot to fill out the score sheet for me, so I don't have a lot of information to share with you. I can say that Drew and his Chargers teammates looked like a cohesive unit from the portion that I saw, and that was reflected on the scoreboard, as the Chargers pulled away for a 45-26 victory over Laurel Nokomis Middle School.


Venice Chargers Game #2 - at Laurel Nokomis School

Drew running on to the court after checking in.

Drew watching as a teammate takes a free throw.

Drew in position for a rebound.

Drew battling for a rebound.

Drew in the middle of a crowd going for the loose ball.

Drew ready to grab a rebound.

Drew picking up a loose ball...

...and gaining possession...

...and firing an outlet pass ahead to a teammate.

Drew trying to get rebounding position.

Drew taking a shot from near the free-throw line.

Drew with a good box out.

Drew getting ready to receive a pass from a teammate.

Drew with the ball after gathering in a rebound...

...and firing the ball to an open teamate.

Drew going up for the rebound...

...and driving around the defender...

...and firing a pass to an open teammate in the corner.

Drew going up to try to block a shot...

...and bothering the shooter enough...

...that he was also able to grab the rebound.

Drew going up for the loose ball...

...and battling the crowd for the rebound.

The final score was a positive one for the Chargers, as they took their first victory of the season at Laurel Nokomis.


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