5th Grade Graduation

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June 15th, 2018            

After too many years to count, Jayden's fifth grade graduation marked the end of our elementary school career. Jayden was honored for her completion of fifth grade (obviously!), for serving on the school's safety patrol, for serving on the student council (SCAPE), for participating in the Girls Running Club, and for earning the Presidential Youth Fitness award.

Jayden was also one of only three graduates (all of which are friends) who would earn the Presidential Outstanding Academic Excellence Award for earning all A's and B's over the past three school years.

We are all very proud of the fine young lady that Jayden has become during her elementary school years, and we cannot wait to see what kind of amazing she achieves as she grows into a young adult. We love you Jay!


Patterson Elementary School - 5th Grade Graduation

Jayden posing with her sign near the walkway into the school.

Each of the kids got a sign with their name, school photo, the current year, as well as their high school graduation year on it.

Jay posing with her friend Jenna on the way in to the school.

A look at the stage before the gym filled up.

Jay making the walk into the gym with her classmates.

The principal giving a speech while the fifth grade teachers listen in the back.

Jay listening to the speech.

Jayden's name being announced to accept her graduation awards.

Jay making her way to the stage.

Jay accepting her awards from her classroom teacher, Ms. Fusco...

...and getting a handshake.

Jay shaking the principals hand...

...before returning to her seat.

Jay accepting her Presidential Outstanding Academic Excellence Award from the school principal.

Jayden posing for a picture with her friends Marissa and Erin.

Jay and Erin together.

Marissa and Jay posing together.

A closer look at Marissa and Jay.

Jayden with her friends - Ambrielle, Erin, Jessica, and Marissa.

Rodney, Jayden, and Tara together.

Jay wasn't thrilled to have Rod and Tara give her a kiss.

Grandma Terry, Jayden, and Grandpa Gary.

Tara posing for a picture with her friend Tania, and teachers Ms. Raymoure and Mrs. Teffer. The four have been involved in the school since Tyler's first year.

Jay and her friend Jessica together.

Jay and Marissa in the "photo booth."

Jay and Marissa having fun...

...and swapping accessories.

Jay messing around while giving a "speech" on the graduation stage.

Jayden posing for a picture with a mural in the school. I think it is safe to say that Jay is becoming a mighty tree very quickly.

Marissa and Jayden posing with their signs on the way out of school for the last time.


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