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June 14th, 2018            

Drew's middle school took their annual field trip to Cedar Point on Thursday, June 14th this year. Like we did during the other kids school trips to Cedar Point, we once again decided to take him ourselves. With Tara already working down in Florida, and Sam tied up with exams at school, it was just Drew, Jayden, and I that would be making the 3-hour trek to Sandusky, Ohio. Aside from one restroom break, it was smooth sailing the entire way.

We arrived at the park at the same time as the school busses, and we made our way through the turnstiles with several of Drew's classmates. Once inside, Drew connected with his good friend Joe, and off they went. That left Jay and I free to do whatever we wanted for the day.

The two of us decided to make the Blue Streak our first ride of the day. Jay really enjoyed it, and was ready to expand her horizons a bit, so we headed off to the midway to decide on ride number two. Jay shot down the Top Thrill Dragster, as she wasn't ready to quite that high yet, and the Cork Screw was closed at the moment, crossing off the ride she wanted to get on next, so we settled on the Magnum XL200. This was the biggest roller coaster that Jay had ever been on, but she truly enjoyed it.

By this point we were hungry, so we decided to put our 'All Day Dining' pass to use. Jay and I decided to share a chicken tender meal at Stockade Refreshments. We both decided that we would probably pass on the chicken during our next meal, but we ate what we could before deciding we had enough and were ready to move on.

Since we were so close, we decided to take on the Mine Ride next. The wait was virtually nil, and the ride is still enjoyable all these years later, so it was worth hitting up. From there we headed further into Frontiertown to get in a longer line, this one for the Maverick. Jay was pretty nervous about this one, as she had never been on a ride that goes this fast or upside down so many times, but she ended up loving it! In fact, she would later proclaim Maverick to be the favorite coaster that she rode today! While still in Frontiertown we headed over to ride the Wave Swinger. Though intended mainly for younger kids, I decided that I was young enough at heart that I would ride the swings too. Although not as thrilling as Maverick, it was a nice change of pace fun ride.

It was at this time that we met back up with Drew in order to get him some food. Since I didn't eat it, I'm drawing a blank on what he ate, but I think that it was a burger. Regardless, while the three of us were together we decided to hit up a couple rides while his friends were in line for another coaster. We headed back to get on the Mine Ride once again, and Drew came off enjoying it as well. He and Jay also decided to get on the Cadillac Cars for a slow-paced spin around the track. I rode with Jay while puttered behind us in his own car. Since we were so close, we decided to check out Skyhawk, a giant arm that swings back and forth (but doesn't quite go all the way over). Drew wasn't interested in this one, so he stayed on the ground while Jay and I rode. This wasn't quite like the roller coasters that we came to ride, but it was a fun ride nonetheless. We headed back to the Mine Ride once again, and the three of us rode it before Drew reconnected with his friends.

With Drew off having fun, Jay and I wandered around while looking for our next adventure. We ended up back towards the front of the part, and I was able to convince her to give the Raptor a try. She was pretty nervous about having her feet dangling below her, but she ended up having a blast on this ride. She would later rate this her second favorite ride. While at the front of the park, we went to ride the Gatekeeper, another ride where your feet dangle below you. She ended up enjoying this one quite a bit too, and would place this ride in third on her favorite coaster podium.

We began our walk back down the midway once again, and this time the Corkscrew was open. Jay was ready to get on this time, and the line was short, so we were able to get quick access to the front row. Although Jay enjoyed the ride, she didn't like the jerkiness that would cause her head to bounce into the shoulder harness, nearly puncturing her neck with her earrings!

Since we were so close, we decided to give the Top Thrill Dragster a try. The line wasn't terrible, but it was long enough that it allowed Jayden plenty of time to build up a serious case of nerves. She stuck it out though, and made it all the way to the end. I'm not sure she would do it again anytime soon, but she can cross this ride off her list!

After such a heart stopping ride, we opted for something a little simpler for our next one. We chose the Matterhorn for our post-Dragster ride, and Jay followed that up with a return engagement on the Wave Swinger while I waited in line for a slice of pizza (which, for the record, didn't taste horrible, but is a terrible waste of our meal plan and is way overpriced, even for park food).

Around this time Drew's classmates had to start making their way to the bus for their return trip home, so he rejoined us for some extra fun. We were able to convince him to give the Maverick a try, as he isn't much of a coaster fan (though, to be fair, he did ride a couple with his friends today, and even found himself really enjoying the Gatekeeper). He didn't fall in love with this ride like Jay did, but he didn't hate it either.

We knew that we too would have to leave soon, so we made our way towards the front of the park. On our way Drew and Jay decided to hit up the Dodgem bumper cars to take out some aggression on each other. The two then climbed about the Troika, a spinning ride that I wasn't feeling excited about after a long day.

Next we decided to ride the Gatekeeper once again, with the intention to leave afterwards. Of course Drew and Jay had so much fun (as did I) and the line was so short that we decided to get right back on for round two! They then decided another round of Dodgem was in order, so back we went. Although I think they regretted it during the ride, they even got aboard the Kiddy Kingdom Carousel for a slow circular ride.

They opted for one last ride before leaving, finishing up where Jay and I started, taking a spin on the Blue Streak.

That was enough for all of us, as we had a long day already in the books. We made one stop on our way home, at McDonalds, then completed the trek home.

I think that all of us had a great time today, and would love to do it all over again, though our ove to Florida coming up soon will make this a bit more challenging to achieve. After getting in trouble for taking pictures on a ride a couple years ago, I limited my photography greatly this year. Although there aren't many of the, please enjoy those that I was able to take...


Cedar Point

Jayden petting the camels (one of which is apparently named Samson)!

One of the camels eating hay that Jay is feeding them.

Jayden going for a spin on the Cadillac Cars...

...while Drew followed us in his own car.

Jay posing for a picture, similar to this one of Tyler, Carlos, and Samantha.

Drew and Jay in their own cars on the Troika ride.

Drew going around on the Troika.

Drew preparing for impact on the Dodgem bumper cars.

Jay on the Dodgem bumper cars.

Jay and Drew passing each other.

Jay about to ram into Drew.

Jay and Drew back in the Dodgem bumper cars for another go at it.

Craziness on the Dodgem bumper cars!

Jay and Drew going around on the Kiddy Kingdom Carousel.

Drew and Jayden posing for a picture on their way out of the park.

Another shot of Drew and Jay outside the park.

A look back at the park from the parking lot.


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