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December 25th, 2019            

After celebrating Christmas at home with the kids and then dinner and a white elephant Christmas at Great-Grandma Parrott's it was time to head over to celebrate Christmas at Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry's with Uncle Dwayne, Aunt Erica, Donovan, and Marissa. As always, we had a great time spending the day together, and are grateful for each and every opportunity that we get. Until next year!


Peters Family Christmas

Dwayne holding Teddy while checking out his gift from Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry as Jayden looks on.

Grandpa Gary opening a gift card to Mi Pueblo that we gave to he and Grandma Terry.

Grandpa Gary opening a gift from Dwayne, Erica, and family...

...that was a sweatshirt for his trips to Walt Disney World.

Grandma Terry opening her part of the gift from our family, a coupon calendar to go with the gift card to Mi Pueblo.

Rodney opening a gift from his parents...

...which was a Tervis water bottle for Disney.

Rod opening an ornament for the Christmas tree.

Rod showing off his ornament.

He found a piece of paper...

...a gift for later (in the form of cash!).

Erica showing off her Tervis water bottle and ornament.

Tara's turn to open her gift.

She too got a Tervis water bottle for Disney...

...and an ornament for the Christmas tree.

Samantha showing off her ornament...

...and giving us a look at it out of the box.

Donovan showing off his ornament too!

Marissa's in love with her ornament from Grandpa & Grandma.

Using a little "Vanna hand" to make the ornament more appealing!

She's just as excited about her new loot!

Now its Drew's turn to open his ornament.

Very cute when displayed outside of it's box.

Jayden couldn't wait to show off her ornament...

...but had more fun making her money rain!


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