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April 1st, 2018            

This year we spent Easter in Florida (most of us... Tyler unfortunately had to stay behind in Michigan as he prepared to ship out for the Air Force in a couple of days) at my parents house. We woke up Easter morning and opened our "baskets" before eventually heading outside for an Easter egg hunt with Steve, as well as Logan and Lane (Shelly and Dan's kids). Below are some of my pictures from that day...



Drew, Tara, Jayden, Samantha, and Grandma Terry sitting around the table on Easter morning.

Jay checking out her new mermaid bathing suit.

Sam sporting her new pool goggles.

Drew caught off guard while holding up his candy (with his new swimsuit and towel under his arm).

Sam holding up a new pair of pants.

Jay giving her new towel a hug to feel how soft it was.

Steve, Lane, Logan, Drew, Sam (hidden except for her shoes), and Jay listening to Tara and Grandma Terry giving directions for the egg hunt.

Grandpa Gary and Great-Grandma Parrott watching as Logan and Jayden look for eggs.

Logan looking for eggs.

Drew on the lookout for eggs.

Great-Grandma Parrott and Aunt Julie posing for a photo.

Steve on the hunt for eggs.

Drew helping Steve with his eggs.

Drew, Samantha, Lane, Jayden, Logan, and Grandma Terry posing for a photo.

The crowd watching the kids count their eggs and check out the goodies inside!


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