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July 7th, 2018            

Since we spent the entire 4th of July shutdown period working at packing up our stuff for the move to Florida, we didn't make the effort to go out to any of our usual fireworks shows - in fact, I completely missed that the Groveland show we typically attend was taking place on the 3rd.

We bumped into Tara's Uncle Kevin & Aunt Jennifer recently, and they invited us to their house tonight for the subdivisions annual neighborhood fireworks show. We had been once before a few years back, and it is frankly as good as the shows we go to in town, only the crowds and traffic are much better!

With Tara and Drew already in Florida, it was just Jayden and I going this year, as Samantha was off with her friends for the evening. Grandpa Gary, Grandma Terry, and Uncle Steve also went with us, and we were joined later in the evening by Tyler's girlfriend Rose. As expected, the fireworks were quite impressive, and it certainly was worth the trip to see them. Thank you Kevin & Jennifer for the invitation!


Lake Braemar Fireworks Show

The sun setting over the trees around Lake Braemar.

Jayden wading out into the water...

...and posing for a picture!

A look at the clouds in the sky as the sun set.

Another view of the sky while waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Below are several of my favorite pictures of the fireworks from tonight...


A smiley face!


A heart!

Lanterns that were shot out onto the water.

These fireworks looked like trees...


...and this one looked like a dandelion.


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