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March 19th, 2018            

Here are some more pictures from our time at the LCA Family Day...


Little Caesars Arena Family Day

Drew skating on the ice for the first time at the Little Caesars Arena.

Drew on the ice with a crowd of people.

Drew waiting for a shot at taking his picture with the center ice logo.

Drew getting his photo taken at center ice.

Another shot of Drew at center ice.

Back on the concourse, another look at the Olympia sign.

The manhole cover for Vladimir Konstantinov, who surely who had been a Wings legend had it not been for an unfortunate automotive accident.

The outside sign at the LCA.

Looking at the arena down Woodward Avenue.

The sign for the nearby Fox Theatre.

The Renaissance Center as seen from the LCA.

Another look at the LCA, this time from across I-75.


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