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May 17th, 2019            

Today marks graduation day number two for our family! This time it is Samantha who is getting her turn to walk across the stage in front of approximately 560 of her fellow Venice High School classmates. Sam has worked hard throughout her school career, and today she checked off one of the big checkboxes on her way into adulthood. Although the second time is a little easier, a few tears were still shed knowing that we will soon be short two members of the family at home. In the grand scheme of things, knowing what an accomplishment this is, we were all smiles when Sam officially turned her tassel, marking her graduation complete. Congratulations Samantha. We love you with all of our heart, and are proud of the young lady you now are!


2019 Venice High School Graduation Ceremony

The Venice High School graduates making their way out of the school.

Samantha making her way towards her seat on the football field.

Sam making her way through the line of teachers...

...and to her seat.

Sam laughing with her fellow graduates.

The moon was shining bright over the field.

Sam's friend Kileigh giving a speech to the audience.

The senior choir singing the school song.

A look back at the flag waving over the school as the sun sets.

Another student speech.

One last speech before introducing the students.

Samantha waiting for her turn to go up on the stage.

Sam making her way onto the stage...

...and across for a congratulatory handshake...

...before heading down...

...and back towards her seat.

Sam talking to her fellow classmates.

A look at the field during the ceremony.

Fireworks marked the end of the celebration...


Jayden and Drew joining Samantha on the field for a picture.

Grandma Terry, Sam, and Grandpa Gary posing together.

Tara, Sam, and Rodney.

Jay, Tara, Sam, Rod, and Drew.

Marissa, Sam, and Aunt Erica.

Another picture of Marissa, Sam, and Aunt Erica.

Marissa getting a head start practicing with the mortarboard.

Another picture of Marissa and Sam.

Sam climbing onto Marissa's back...


Samantha leaping into her boyfriend's, Derek, arms.

Derek and Sam posing for a couple pictures...


Derek, Sam, and Derek's sister DiAhna.

Derek, Sam, and Derek's sister DiAhna, and her boyfriend Nathen.

Another picture of Derek and Sam.

Samantha with her friend Kileigh.

Sam posing for a picture with her friend Sydney.

Sam and Sydney talking.

Sam with her friend Bekah.

Jayden taking a turn practicing with the mortarboard.

Sam posing for a picture with her soccer teammate, Mason.


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