Regional Semifinal

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February 8th, 2019              

Regional Semifinal

Venice High School - Venice 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Venice Indians 1 1 1 1 4
Braden River Pirates 0 0 0


For reasons that I will probably never understand, Samantha and her Venice Indians teammates are taking on the Braden River Pirates for the second time in the playoffs. The Indians was the first playoff contest by a 1-0 score, and that seemingly should have knocked them out of the playoffs, but here we are playing them for the fourth time this season (the first two matchups were in the regular season, and the Indians won those 2-0 and 3-0). Thankfully the girls didn't let this one turn into a nail biter, as they scored three quick goals to jump out to a big lead, saving me the trouble of worrying from a distance, as I was unable to attend tonight's game once again. Sam wound up playing about half of the first half, and she played the entire second half of the game, which is a big step up from what she had been seeing lately. Speaking of the second half, the Indians would tack on an insurance goal in this half, securing a 4-0 victory and moving them on to the Regional Finals next week!


FHSAA Class 4A Regional Semifinal - Venice Indians vs. Braden River Pirates

Samantha waiting to check in to the game during the first half of action.

Sam keeping an eye on the ball as it drops down from a goal kick.

Sam passing the ball ahead.

Sam going after a loose ball in a crowd.

Sam settling down a bouncing ball...

...and keeping her focus...

...before dribbling ahead...

...and maintaining possession.

Sam turning around with the ball near midfield.

Sam reaching back for a sideline throw-in...

...and sending the ball down the field.

Sam looking back at the action down the field.

Samantha stepping up on defense.

Sam dribbling the ball up the field...

...while giving direction to her teammates.

Sam watching as her pass hits a teammate in stride.

Sam watching as the ball rolls out of bounds.

Sam reaching back for a sideline throw-in.

Sam taking another sideline throw.

Sam looking across to her teammates.

Sam getting ready to take another sideline throw-in...

...and sending the ball for down the field.

Sam taking the ball from an attacking Pirates player.


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