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January 22nd, 2018              

Game #18

Venice High School - Venice 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Venice Indians 0 1    1 1 3
Lakewood Ranch Mustangs 0   1      1


Samantha and her Venice Indians teammates faced off against the Mustangs from Lakewood Ranch for the second time this season, following a 4-2 victory early in the season's opening game. The Indians were hoping for a similar outcome tonight.

Early on the game was dominated by the Indians, as they outshot the Mustangs 6-0 over the course of the first half. Unfortunately for the Venice players and fans, they weren't able to convert on any of those shots. The game would wind up at halftime tied 0-0.

Although it was the Mustangs that got their first shot on goal to start the second half, it was the Indians who converted on their first shot of the half, allowing them to grab a 1-0 lead. The Mustangs tied things up shortly after the Venice score, however, thanks to a penalty kick that they were able to convert into points. The Venice girls wouldn't let that unlucky break get to them though, as they fought back to reclaim the lead on their very next shot, which they would not relinquish. It took a while longer, but they were able to add on an insurance goal three-quarters of the way through the second half, sealing the Indians 15th win of the season, and keeping them undefeated. (I know what you are thinking... undefeated with 15 wins in game #18 - that can't be. Three games were cancelled over the course of the season for various reasons, and I refuse to renumber the games any longer!).


Venice Indians Game #18 - vs. Lakewood Ranch Mustangs

Samantha and her Venice Indians teammates lined up during the playing of the national anthem.

Sam on the sideline, waiting to check into the game.

Sam looking back after just missing a header.

Sam looking at the ball as it comes down towards her.

Sam going after the ball...

...and getting stepped on...

...and going to the turf.

Sam hollering directions to her teammates.

Sam surveying the field during a sideline throw-in...

...and reaching back with the ball...

...before launching it onto the field.

Samantha dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam lining up another sideline throw-in...

...and reaching back...

...and sending the ball flying...

...and watching her throw sail down the field.

Sam going up and heading the ball down into the turf.

Sam knocking the ball down.

Sam gaining control of the ball...

...and settling it down with her foot...

...before making a move with the ball.


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