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January 25th, 2018              

Game #19

Venice High School - Venice 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Venice Indians 0 0 0
Manatee Hurricanes 0 0 0


Tonight marked the final regular season game this year for the Venice Indians, and the final regular season home game for the teams two seniors, Samantha and Sydney. Two girls who moved to Venice from out of state as Freshman and played varsity soccer for the team four years ago were now wrapping up their high school careers together as seniors.

This was a disappointing game on several levels. First, the Indians would go on to have their unbeaten streak stopped at 15 games as the game would go on to end in a Drew tonight. Second, the Manatee Hurricanes didn't really even attempt to win this game, as they rarely even crossed midfield (only twice on offense, in fact, once each half). They would play the entire game with nearly all 11 players in front of their goal in an effort to stifle the Venice offense. While their tactic ultimately worked (they celebrated the tie like they won a championship), it wasn't due to a lack of quality chances from the Indians. They had a couple clang off the posts, and they had a couple that were stopped by great saves fro the Manatee keeper.

Although the outcome wasn't what anyone associated with Venice soccer wanted, the Senior Night festivities were appreciated by the players and their families. Pictures scrolled across the video board at the field, and the girls were given some gifts from their teammates during the halftime celebration.

Congratulations Sam and Sydney on battling through four tough years!


Venice Indians Game #19 - vs. Manatee Hurricanes

For the first time this season, the video board was on at the Venice Indians home field.

Samantha's fellow senior, and team captain, Sydney, high fiving her teammates during pre-game introductions.

Samantha running out to high five her teammates as her name is announced to the crowd.

Sam going up for a high five from another teammate...

...before making her way down the line.

Sam and her teammates lined up for the national anthem.

Samantha smiling while getting the start on senior night...

...and giving a thumbs up to her family in the stands.

Sam playing the ball while surveying the field.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam looking down the field...

...before lining up a kick...

...and sending the ball flying down the field.

Sam's fellow senior Sydney playing the ball.

Sam passing the ball ahead along the sideline.

Sam throwing the ball in along the sideline.

Sam dribbling up the field while keeping an eye on the players in front of her.

Sam with the ball on her foot once again.

The soccer team photo on the scoreboard during the game.

Sam making one final throw-in before halftime.

Tara, Samantha, and Rodney making their way onto the field during the senior night festivities.

Another shot of Tara, Sam, and Rod.

A close-up of Sam with her parents.

Sam's only senior teammate, Sydney, walking out with her parents, Marla and Joe.

Sydney and Samantha in the center of the JV and Varsity teams and coaches.

Sam, Sydney, and the head coaches, Lynley and Gary.

Sam settling down a bouncing ball...

...and playing it forward...

...before lining up a kick...

...and booting the ball...

...sending it across the field to an open teammate.

Sam watching as the ball comes down...

...while she prepares for a header...

...and sends the ball back.

Sam going up for another header...

...and making contact with the ball...

...and watching as it flies back down the field.

Sam lining up a kick ahead to her teammates.

Sam getting a foot on the oppositions clearing attempt.


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