8th Grade Dance

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May 10th, 2019            

Drew attended his 8th grade semi-formal dance this evening with a group of friends. They met up at the Venice jetty for pictures before heading off to the dance. Enjoy some of the better shots below!


Venice Middle School 8th Grade Semi-Formal Dance

Drew (on the left) and a group of guys from school.

Drew standing on the rocks at the jetty.

Drew and his friend Spiro...


A look down the jetty.

A large group photo of Venice Middle School students, with Drew on the left once again...


A closer look at Drew in the crowd.

Drew posing for a photo with Lauren and Spiro.

A look at the ominous sky over the jetty. Thankfully the rain held out long enough for the kids to get their pictures taken.

Drew talking to a group of friends.

Drew (on the right this time) poking his head out from behind the group of boys.


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