8th Grade Promotion

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May 24th, 2019            

The Venice Middle School 8th grade promotion ceremony was held today, and Drew got a chance to take his turn walking across the stage, along with approximately 260 of classmates. Even though this was just a ceremony to mark the end of their middle school career, it was still emotional for Tara, as she still managed to tear up just a bit. Congratulations Drew. Time to buckle down and make the most of these next four years!


Venice Middle School 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Drew making his way to his seat at the beginning of the ceremony.

A look at the stage as the Young Marines present the colors (the flags).

A broader look at the gymnasium.

Drew waiting to make his way onto the stage.

Drew on stage after hearing his name called.

Drew coming down off the stage.

Drew smiling as he makes his way towards his seat.

A look at Drew in the crowd as the students faced the audience.

Drew holding his promotion certificate.

Tara posing for a picture with Drew.

Rodney and Drew together.


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