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April 27th, 2019              

Game #5

Garbrandt Soccer Complex 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Kellogg B 1             1 1 3
Kellogg A     1 1 1 1 1     5


The coaches kept the teams pretty much the same for this weekend's game, and unfortunately for Jayden that wasn't a good thing. Despite scoring the first goal of the game, the B squad was thoroughly outshot in the opening half. In fact, their goal came on their only shot of the half, while the A squad would get 8 shots in, scoring on half of them. When the halftime whistle blew, the B players found themselves down by a 4-1 margin.

The two teams swapped goalies for the second half, in hopes of evening things out a bit as far as shots faced. Of course, it didn't really help. Both teams got off to a slow start to this half, but at least the A group was able to get some shots on goal, including one by Jay. They couldn't convert on those opportunities, but the A squad made the best of their chance after the water break, expanding their lead to a 5-1 margin. Despite being down big, the B team didn't quit, and they battled back to take possession of the ball for a while. In doing so, they were able to convert on a couple scoring chances themselves, scoring two goals - the second by Jayden for her first of the season - to make the score a more respectable 5-3. That would be all of the scoring though, as Jay's team would suffer defeat.


Kellogg B Game #5 - vs. Kellogg A

Jayden lining up a sideline throw-in...

...and sending the ball down the field.

Jay using her body to deflect the ball.

Jay going after a loose ball...

...and gaining control of it...

...before turning towards the net...

...and kicking the ball...

...and sending it into the net for a goal!


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