Game 4

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February 27th, 2020              

Game #4

Riverview HS - Riverview 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Barrington Bolts 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7
Rodgers Stingrays 0 0 0


Once again I was unable to attend tonight's game due to work, so Tara was kind enough to keep scorek and provide a recap for me. Thank you Tara!

"Today's game I happened to make it in a tad late, but they did manage to score two goals, in the first half. Our girls looked pretty good against Rodger's but you could tell we still could use some help with footwork and formations. Overall, Jay managed to see quite a bit more playing time with this game. She's coming along as a player and still has a mean throw-in from the sidelines."


Barrington Bolts Game #4 - vs. Rodgers Stingrays

Jayden settling down the ball along the sideline.

Jay watching the ball go across to a teammate.

Jay looking as her teammates go after the ball across from her.

Jay watching the action take place down the field.

Jay looking across the field after the ball was sent down to a teammate.

Jay sticking to her man before play resumes.

Jay in defensive position...

...and sticking to her man...

...and battling for position as the ball nears...

...before turning to go after it.

Jay racing towards the action down the field.


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