February 2nd

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February 2nd, 2020              

It was decided that we would head to Disney today, sending my birthday at one of my favorite places! We opted to go to Epcot, so that we could pick up our new passholder magnets. Since we were going, Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry decided to join us so that they too could get their magnets.

We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom first, in order to seek out the new "Simba" popcorn bucket. We quickly found it, and decided to try to find a ride to enjoy while we were there. Although we would have loved to have gone on the Avatar Flight of Passage ride, the wait was far too long for today. We instead settled on It's Tough to be a Bug! in the Tree of Life. When that show ended, it was time to head off to Epcot and our first FastPass+ of the day!


Disney's Animal Kingdom

Jayden holding up Simba for all of the animal kingdom to see!

Drew taking his turn showing off Simba.

Jay and Tara being silly inside the Tree of Life.

We arrived at Epcot just in time to go to our first FastPass+ ride of the day, the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival. Here we got to see three short movies in 4-D format. Although we probably didn't need the FastPass+ to see it, we all enjoyed the shows. Plus, it continued our recent family tradition of trying new things while we are at the parks. After the shows, we opted for an outdoor lunch near the Imagination! building.

Our next FastPass+ was for Soarin', but since we had some time to kill before our turn, we decided to see the new Awesome Planet movie. This was a very interesting movie about Earth throughout history. After the show was over, we got on the Living with the Land ride through the Disney greenhouses. Now it was finally time to take advantage of our FastPass+, as we were finally able to climb aboard Soarin' Around the World.

We next took our own tour around the world, as we travelled around the World Showcase. We didn't really do much here today, aside from take in the scenery and enjoy the sights of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts.

The last thing we did today at Epcot was actually outside of the park. We decided it was a good opportunity to try out the new Skyliner. Although the Skyliner runs From Epcot to Disney's Hollywood Studios (they also go to two of the value resorts), we didn't go that far. We got off at the Caribbean Beach Resort to make the return trip to Epcot. It was a neat experience, though I still have concerns about the heat in the middle of summer!

All in all it was a great day. Who could ask for a better way to spend their birthday than to do it with their family at a place they love!



This pictures shows how part of Future World West has been torn down for the ongoing and upcoming Epcot renovations.

Even though it was the middle of the day, the moon was high in the sky over Epcot!

Jayden, Tara, Drew, and Rodney acting silly during a photo op outside of The American Adventure.

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts sign.

A wider look at the sign for the Epcot International Festival of the Arts.

A few pictures of an American White Ibis I spotted near Showcase Plaza...


The top of The Land building as seen from across the park.

A "rocking parrot" that was for sale at the art show.

Time for a ride on the Disney Skyliner!

A view of the France pavilion from the Skyliner.

Looking back across Epcot from the Skyliner.

The Skyliner route goes right over Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort.

Another look at Epcot from the Skyliner.

A Star Wars car we passed on the Skyliner.

The family getting off of the Skyliner at the station.

Another look at the france Pavilion.

The moon high over Spaceship Earth.

A look at Spaceship Earth at night.


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