Michigan Trip

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This year we made a quick trip to Michigan to see some friends. We didn't get the opportunity to do much sightseeing, but we did drive by Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry's old house, as well as our old house on North Holly Road. We got to eat some much-missed Uncle Ray's ice cream, some Fenton House breadsticks, Red Devil pizza, and of course, Holly Donut Shop donuts! I didn't take many pictures on our trip, but here are some of the few that I did take...
  • July 26th - Click here for a picture of the plane Drew and Jay flew on to Michigan on.
  • August 3rd - Go here for pictures of our visit with some of our Lapeer Storm hockey family at Kevin & Stacy Price's house.
  • August 5th - Follow this link for a few pictures of our stop in downtown Holly.


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